About Protocol Insight

Protocol Insight offers test and measurement software tools to customers who are developing products for the mobile computing market, and consulting and design services to engineers implementing serial protocol interfaces.

Protocol Insight has extensive experience developing protocol test tools, having been involved in the industries first Bluetooth, PCI Express, MIPI D-PHY and MIPI M-PHY protocol analyzer, exerciser, and compliance products.

Protocol Insight is a MIPI expert, with a background developing both D-PHY and M-PHY protocol exercisers and analyzers. Protocol Insight contributes to the development of the UniPro standard thru the UniPro and Test Working Groups, and serves as Liaison between MIPI and JEDEC and UFSA.

Protocol Insight Leadership



Ross Nelson

Chief Executive and Marketing Officer

Ross has been in the test and measurement industry for 25 years, and first managed protocol development teams when he introduced a Bluetooth protocol analyzer in 2000.

He oversaw the introduction of the industry’s first PCIe and MIPI D-PHY analysis tools, and as division GM at Agilent Technologies Ross focused on 3rd generation MIPI D-PHY tools and the industry’s first M-PHY tools.



Tony Carosa

Chief Technology Officer and Architect

Tony was lead architect on Agilent Technologies’ MIPI D-PHY and M-PHY projects, and the R&D interface to strategic MIPI customers and industry leaders. Tony was also the Agilent R&D lead for the MIPI development team based in India.

Tony was also involved in Agilent’s PCIe protocol analyzer and exerciser development.

Tony participates on the MIPI UniPro Working Group, where he helped define the UniPro specifications which are the foundation for UFS.