Compliance Test Leaders

UFSA® Compliance: Universal Flash Storage (UFS)

UFS Test Executive is certified by the UFSA® to verify compliance of UFS devices with the UFSA® UFS Compliance Test Matrix v1.1 and JEDEC JEDS224.

• JESD224 UFS2.0 compliance covers 29 test categories
o Executes the SCSI and UFS Command test cases specified in the JEDEC JESD224
o 228 test cases, covering all LUN, Speed and Link Widths supported by Keysight analyzer

• JESD220B UFS 2.0 conformance
o Rule Checker engine evaluates all “shall” statements and logical requirements

• JESD220C UFS 2.1 and JESD220-2 Card Extension compliance
o 22 revised test cases to-date


MIPI® Conformance: Unified Protocol (UniPro)

Conformance verification of UniPro v1.61 with Conformance Test Suite (CTS) v1.1 and MIPI Alliance approved MOI.

Executes a range of CTS test cases, analyzing results using the intelligent Trace Validation engine and generating summary reports.


Project Ara: Greybus Compliance

Support for Greybus v0.11 with the Compliance Test Suite (CTS) v0.2.