Falcon G300/G350
UFS/UniPro Exerciser/Analyzer

The Falcon G300 series with Trace Validation provides complete protocol debug and analysis of UFS and UniPro devices.

The G300 series supports MIPI M-PHY v3.1 HS-G3, UniPro v1.61, and UFS2.0/2.1, and is HS-G4 ready.

It is available as an Analyzer or an Exerciser/Analyzer with the following features:

  • Trace Validation™ provides complex state-machine analysis of protocol sequences and packet characteristics in captured traces.
  • Event view window displays a comprehensive overview of all events on the bus, including fillers, trig packets, SOB and EOB packets, etc.
  • Traditional viewer windows include traffic overview, protocol listing, protocol decode and payload.
  • Test Executive™ capability provides margin, corner case and automated stress testing.
  • Compliance/Conformance Test Suite (CTS) performs verification of UFS and UniPro.
  • Custom test case Builders allow for creation of unique custom tests.


Product G300 G350
Description UFS/UniPro Protocol Analyzer UFS/UniPro Protocol Exerciser/Analyzer
Pricing Contact sales@protocolinsight.com Contact sales@protocolinsight.com
Availability Available now Available now
Compatibility UFS 2.0/2.1
JESD220B, JESD220C, JESD220-2
MIPI® UniPro v1.6/1.61
UFS 2.0/2.1
JESD220B, JESD220C, JESD220-2
MIPI® UniPro v1.6
MIPI® UniPro  CTS v1.1
Data Sheet Contact sales@protocolinsight.com Contact sales@protocolinsight.com