Exerciser/Analyzer Support Materials

Falcon G300/G350

Falcon G400/G450


Instrument FW/SW
Including support for HS-G4B and UniPro v1.8
download v1.4.4.6366
Offline Viewer
No license required
download v1.4.4.6366
Sample trace with UniPro and UFS packets
Sample trace with UniPro packets and HS-G4A power mode change
Copy to C:\Users\[user name]\Documents\Protocol Insight\Falcon\Configuration
Analyzer Quick Start Guide download PDF
Exerciser/Analyzer Quick Start Guide  download PDF
User Manual v1.4.2
October 13, 2017
download PDF
Method of Implementation (MOI) for testing UFSA CTM 1.3
UFSA approved
Frequently Asked Questions download v1.1
Thunderbolt3 Driver Configuration download v1.1