Test Executive Support Materials

UFS Support Materials



Test Executive Release Build
For UFS2.1, supporting JEDEC JESD224A CTS v1.1
For UFS2.0, supporting JEDEC JESD224 CTS v1.0


Test Executive user help download PDF
Test Case Builder user help download PDF
Updated CTS  test cases, for verisons prior to v1.3.1436
Copy to CustomTests folders
Tcl file to change CLPG reset signal for verisons prior to v1.3.1436
Copy to C:\Program Files (x86)\Protocol Insight\UFS Test Executive\Data\Tcl\CommandLinePacketGenerator\TclInterface\DataGenerator
download zip file
Method of Implementation (MOI) for testing UFSA CTM 1.2
UFSA approved

UniPro Support Materials


Test Executive release build download v1.2.4635
Test Executive user guide download PDF
Stimulus Builder user guide download PDF
Trace Validation Builder user guide download PDF
Configuring SQL Server Download PDF
Trace Validation Builder training video YouTube
Method of Implementation (MOI) for testing UniPro CTS 1.1
MIPI approved

Note: Contact support@protocolinsight.com for a list of modifications and exceptions to the UniPro CTS test cases.

Greybus Support Materials


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Test Executive release build download v1.0.1335
 Test Executive user guide contact sales@protocolinsight.com
Test Case Builder user guide contact sales@protocolinsight.com