Unified Protocol (UniPro)

Unified Protocol (UniPro)  Test Executive™

UNI16COMP Test Executive provides complete protocol debug and analysis of UniPro devices.  Capabilities include UniPro v1.0 Conformance Test Suite (CTS) verification, intelligent analysis of protocol sequences and packet characteristics, link stimulus, stress testing, custom test case creation and statistical analysis.

Intelligent Trace Validation analyzes native bidirectional link traffic, performing protocol sequence and packet inspection rule checking.

UniPro v1.6 and v1.61 Conformance Test Suite (CTS) verification

Stimulus mode creates specific traffic on the link or puts the DUT into a known state.

Stress testing executes hundreds of thousands of tests automatically. Stop after any number of loops or failures.

Custom test cases test corner cases or introduce errors for margin, stress, or error recovery testing.

Statistics window provides an overview of trace characteristics in CTS and Trace Validation modes, enabling sum, filter and sort by various datatypes.

Product UNI16COMP
Description UniPro Test Executive
Pricing Contact sales@protocolinsight.com
Availability Long term product support, contact Contact sales@protocolinsight.com
Compatibility Supports MIPI® UniPro Standard v1.6 and v1.61
Test Executive
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Trace Validation Builder
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