About Protocol Insight

Protocol Insight offers test and measurement tools to customers who are developing products for the mobile computing market, and consulting and design services to engineers implementing serial protocol interfaces.

Protocol Insight are the UFS and UniPro market leaders for protocol analysis and generation

We have been shipping UFS and UniPro debug and analysis tools since 2014.

We have been shipping UFS 3.x M-PHY HS-G4 UFS/UniPro analyzers and exercisers since 2017.


Protocol Insight are the UFS and UniPro protocol technology experts

We are a contributing company to the development of the UniPro 1.61 and 1.8 specs and Conformance Test Specs, and a member of the JEDEC J64 Embedded Memory Storage and Removable Memory Card committee.

We have served as the MIPI Alliance UniPro WG liaison to JEDEC and UFSA.

Protocol Insight offers the only test tool for verifying protocol compliance to the UFSA Compliance Test Matrix, and has supported all UniPro and UFS Interoperability (IOT) workshops since the initial events.

Protocol Insight offers unsurpassed product leadership

Unique capabilities included with the Falcon and/or Raptor series of instruments include:

  • Trace Validation expert system analysis
  • Unique Events views of low level packet information and raw symbols
  • UniPro and UFS protocol generation and exerciser capability
  • Stimulus builders for creation of individual custom exerciser scripts
  • Exceptional flexibility, with remote upgrade to HS-HG4B and/or exerciser capability via SW license update