Compliance Test Leaders


JEDEC Compliance: Universal Flash Storage (UFS)

The Falcon series exercisers verify UFS protocol compliance, with CTS test cases currently supporting UFS 3.1 with JEDEC JESD220E, JESD220D, JESD220C, JESD220-2A, JESD220-2, JESD220-3, and JESD223-1A.

Falcon series exercisers also support the UFS 2.1 JEDEC JESD224A CTS test cases for JESD220B, JESD220C and JESD220-2.


MIPI® Conformance: Unified Protocol (UniPro)

Perform conformance verification of UniPro 1.8 with the MIPI Alliance Conformance Test Suite and Method of Implementation (MOI).


UFSA® Compliance: UFS Card systems

Protocol Insight’s UFS Compliance Test Method of Implementation (MOI) can be used to validate UFS card systems with the UFSA® CTM (Compliance Test Matrix).


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