Falcon G400/G450
UFS/UniPro Exerciser/Analyzer


The Falcon G400 series with Trace Validation provides complete protocol debug and analysis of UFS and UniPro devices.

The G400 is a protocol analyzer that supports MIPI M-PHY v4.1 HS-G4B, UniPro v1.8, and UFS3.0. It also supports the existing UFS2.1 and UniPro 1.61 specifications.

The G450 is an exerciser/analyzer that will support execution of the UniPro v1.8 CTS v1.0 and the JEDEC JESD224x CTS. It also supports the existing UFS2.1 and UniPro 1.61 CTS test documents.

The Falcon G400 series is available with the following features:

  • Trace Validation: an expert system analysis tool that uses complex state-machine logic to analyze protocol sequences and packet characteristics in captured traces. It analyzes the bi-directional UniPro and UFS traffic, performing protocol sequence and timing analysis and packet header and payload inspection.
  • Events views: display UniPro or UFS events on the bus in a unique time-aligned display. UniPro Events view displays fillers, Prepare, SYNC, Hibern8, sleep, stall and other M-PHY level packets. Events view presents a complete picture of all events and allows drill-down to the lowest level bytes.
  • Compliance/Conformance Verification: execute a range of CTS test cases, analyzing results using the Trace Validation engine and generating pass/fail summary reports.
  • Stimulus with full UniPro stack in HW: allows creation of specific traffic on the link and offers extensive error injection.
  • Test executive stress testing: controls the DUT and executes hundreds of thousands of tests automatically. Stop after any number of loops or No Result Test Cases, then analyze the results with Trace Validation.
  • Custom test case Builders: to create tests to introduce errors for corner case, margin, or stress testing.


Product G400 G450
Description UFS/UniPro Protocol Analyzer UFS/UniPro Protocol Exerciser/Analyzer
Pricing Contact sales@protocolinsight.com Contact sales@protocolinsight.com
Availability Available now Available now
Compatibility UFS 3.0
JESD220D, JESD220-2A
MIPI® UniPro v1.8

UFS 2.0/2.1
JESD220B, JESD220C, JESD220-2
MIPI® UniPro v1.6/1.61

UFS 3.0
JESD224 tbd
MIPI® UniPro v1.8 CTS v1.0

UFS 2.0/2.1
MIPI® UniPro  v1.61 CTS v1.1

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