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Protocol Insight™ Greybus Test Executive™

Greybus Test Executive offers protocol debug, analysis, interoperability verification and compliance testing of the Greybus application layer protocol used in Google Project Ara phones.

Supports the Control protocols for module connection management and the GPIO and I2C bridged PHY protocols.

Deep packet inspection performed with unique protocol-aware Rule Checker engine with protocol decode and rule checking against the Greybus v0.11 specification and CTS v0.2.

Perform stress testing executing thousands of tests with multiple packet inspection rules. Execute any set of tests in ascending, descending or random order, with flexibility to specify the nested loop order by CPort, speed, link width or test case.

Design custom test cases to test corner cases or introduce errors for margin, stress, or error recovery testing.  Test Case Builder™ allows complex test case construction, with device control and request and response message construction.  Local and global variables and run conditions are used to create test case conditions.

Combine with Protocol Insight’s UniPro Test Executive for complete protocol debug and verification of Project Ara module interoperability.

Description Greybus Test Executive
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Compatibility Supports Greybus v0.11
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