Protocol Insight™ announces UniPro Test Executive enhancements for MIPI® UniPro protocol conformance, debug and analysis

UNI16COMP UniPro Test Executive™ expands CTS conformance testing and adds powerful debug capabilities for common UniPro design challenges.

Colorado Springs, Colorado, March 2, 2016 – Protocol Insight today released UNI16COMP UniPro Test Executive v1.1.3262, which is now available for download from

New UniPro CTS test cases

With 12 new CTS test cases supporting the UniPro CTS and the UniPro 1.61 specification, Test Executive now has a total of 53 CTS tests, covering most of the implementable tests in the MIPI UniPro CTS v1.0 Annex C.

New debug and analysis features

Protocol Insight has provided extensive support for MIPI UniPro Interoperability Test (IOT) events, UFSA IOT workshops and Google’s Project Ara. Through these support activities Protocol Insight has learned that the most common challenges implementing UniPro and UFS include, among other things, Link Startup Sequence execution, Power Mode changes, stress testing and error recovery.

To address these challenges, Protocol Insight has added new debug and analysis features, including automatic testing of Link Startup on device reboot and the ability to stress test UniPro Scrambling and Auto/NonAuto Transmission modes using Test Run Order automated testing.

Debugging UniPro Link Startup Sequence execution

The most common Link Startup Sequence (LSS) problems include out of order Phase0/Phase1 TRG_UPRx packets, incorrect link startup timeout timers, and capabilities exchange failures. With Trace Validation™ of the UniPro Link Startup Sequence, complex LSS packet sequences are simplified into easy-to-visualize phase transition messages to make debugging easier:

TV debug messages


In addition to easy visualization of the LSS, Trace Validation will flag UniPro v1.61 spec violations of the link startup sequence for easy debugging. In this example, the Link Startup Sequence failed because more than 2 TRG_UPR0 packets were found in Phase 0b:

TV debug messages Fail


Pricing, configuration and availability:

UNI16COMP UniPro Test Executive is shipping now, and operates in conjunction with the Keysight Technologies U4431A MIPI M-PHY Protocol Analyzer.  Contact for pricing information or to request a demo or trail license.


About Protocol Insight:

Protocol Insight ( offers test and measurement software tools to customers who are developing products for the mobile computing market, and consulting and design services to engineers implementing serial protocol interfaces.

Protocol Insight has extensive experience developing protocol test tools, having been involved in the industries first Bluetooth, PCI Express, MIPI D-PHY and MIPI M-PHY protocol analyzer, exerciser, and compliance products.

Protocol Insight is a MIPI expert, with a background developing both D-PHY and M-PHY protocol exercisers and analyzers.  Protocol Insight contributes to the development of the UniPro standard thru the UniPro and Test Working Groups, and serves as Liaison between MIPI and JEDEC and UFSA.


About the MIPI Alliance

The MIPI Alliance is a global, collaborative organization comprised of companies that span the mobile ecosystem and are committed to defining and promoting interface specifications for mobile devices.

The MIPI® Alliance is a non-profit corporation that operates as an open membership organization. All companies in the mobile device industry are encouraged to join, including semiconductor companies, software vendors, IP providers, peripheral manufacturers, test labs and end product OEMs.  Today, more than 250 member companies actively participate in the Alliance, developing interface specifications which drive consistency in processor and peripheral interfaces, promoting reuse and compatibility in mobile devices.



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