Revised Test Cases – Test Executive

The following UniPro CTS test cases have been modified from the strict interpretation of the UniPro v1.0 CTS, either to allow more control over test execution, to adjust for general limitations in test instrumentation, or to accommodate specific instrument hardware limitations.

Common test case modifications include:

  • CTS tests that require a specific speed are run at the speed(s) configured by the Test Executive instead of running at only the CTS specified speed. This allows the user to run the test case at all speeds supported by their device.  The exception is test cases that are dependent on a particular power mode, such as 1.2.1, these will always be run at the specified power mode.
  • Any checks specified for the DUT  DME that are NOT accessible via a DME_PEER_get are NOT checked.
  • In general anything that is NOT observable on the link cannot be checked.


Test Case Issue
1.1.1 Cannot observe LINE_RESET or that all available lanes are sending TRG*
1.1.10 Step 8 not executed
1.2.1 Step 3 & 4 not executed
1.2.10 Only can send 3 bad function IDs: 0x0401, 0x0806, 0x0603
1.2.6 LINE_RESET detected by observing the link return to PWM-G1x1
1.2.9 256 Byte messages are used, uses PWM-G7 and HS-G4 as the invalid gears, Tester does not currently send data as there is a Keysight HW bug
1.3.1 Step 6 & 12 not executed
2.1.2 Cannot check COF bits
2.1.3 Step 6-11 not executed
2.7.1 Checks that PACP are sent while TC0 are being sent, cannot check observable results 1&2
3.2.2 Not checking Payload

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