Universal Flash Storage (UFS)





Protocol Insight UFS Test Executive™

UFS20COMP Test Executive provides complete protocol debug and analysis of UFS devices, including deep packet inspection, stress testing, custom test case execution, and UFS compliance testing.

UFS Test Executive is certified by the UFSA® to verify compliance of UFS devices with the UFSA® UFS Compliance Test Matrix v1.1.

For UFSA logo certification testing Test Executive can:

  • Automatically set up the analyzer, generator and DUT for each test
  • Auto-configure and reconfigure speeds, link widths and LUNs during the testing process
  • Allow users to select and run individual or multiple CTS protocol tests
  • Provide detailed information for each test that has been run
  • Create printable PDF reports and CSV export files
  • Generate the UFSA® Compliance Report



Perform compliance testing and logo certification
to verify compliance to the Universal Flash Storage (UFS) Compliance Test Matrix v1.1 and the JEDEC JESD224 UFS Protocol Compliance Test Specification. Extended tests verify compliance to JESD220C UFS 2.1 and JESD220-2 Card Extension.

Deep packet inspection performed with unique protocol-aware Rule Checker engine with full protocol decode and rule checking against the JEDEC JESD220x UFS 2.x spec and JESD224 UFS CTS.

Perform extensive stress testing executing hundreds of thousands of tests with multiple packet inspection rules. Execute any test or set of tests in ascending, descending or random order, looped in nest order with flexibility to specify the nesting order by LUN, speed, link width or test case.

Design custom test cases to test corner cases or introduce errors for margin, stress, or error recovery testing.  Test Case Builder allows complex test case construction, with virtually unlimited transactions, device control, and command and response packet construction.  Local and global variables and run conditions are used to create test case conditions.

Product UFS20COMP
Description UFS Test Executive
Pricing Contact sales@protocolinsight.com
Availability Long term product support, contact Contact sales@protocolinsight.com
Compatibility Conformance:
JESD220B UFS v2.0
JESD220-2 Card Extension
UFSA® CTM v1.1 and JESD224
Data Sheet View Data Sheet (PDF)

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