Falcon G300/G350
UFS/UniPro Exerciser/Analyzer


The Falcon G300 series with Trace Validation provides complete protocol debug and analysis of UFS and UniPro devices.

The G300 is a protocol analyzer that supports MIPI M-PHY v3.1 HS-G3, UniPro v1.61, and UFS2.0/2.1, and is HS-G4 ready.

The G350 is an exerciser/analyzer that also supports execution of the UniPro CTS v1.1 and JEDEC JESD224A CTS. The G350 is HS-G4 ready.

The Falcon G300 series is UFSA-certified to verify compliance of UFS devices with the UFSA UFS Compliance Test Matrix v1.3.

The Falcon G300 series is available with the following features:

  • Trace Validation: an expert system analysis tool that uses complex state-machine logic to analyze protocol sequences and packet characteristics in captured traces. It analyzes the bi-directional UniPro and UFS traffic, performing protocol sequence and timing analysis and packet header and payload inspection.
  • Events views: display UniPro or UFS events on the bus in a unique time-aligned display. UniPro Events view displays fillers, Prepare, SYNC, Hibern8, sleep, stall and other M-PHY level packets. Events view presents a complete picture of all events and allows drill-down to the lowest level bytes.
  • Compliance/Conformance Verification: execute a range of CTS test cases, analyzing results using the Trace Validation engine and generating pass/fail summary reports.
  • Stimulus with full UniPro stack in HW: allows creation of specific traffic on the link and offers extensive error injection.
  • Test executive stress testing: controls the DUT and executes hundreds of thousands of tests automatically. Stop after any number of loops or No Result Test Cases, then analyze the results with Trace Validation.
  • Custom test case Builders: to create tests to introduce errors for corner case, margin, or stress testing.


Product G300 G350
Description UFS/UniPro Protocol Analyzer UFS/UniPro Protocol Exerciser/Analyzer
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 Availability Available now Available now
Compatibility UFS 2.0/2.1
JESD220B, JESD220C, JESD220-2
MIPI® UniPro v1.6/1.61
UFS 2.0/2.1
MIPI® UniPro  CTS v1.1
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