Known Issues

Falcon 500C/550C Instruments

Updated: June 3, 2024 SW v3.2.1.1599

NVIDIA “In-Game” Overlay

The system process may degrade the performance of opening files and parsing packets. We recommend you disable this feature if present. In the GeForce Experience app (installed with the driver).

  • Under settings, turn off “IN-GAME OVERLAY”
  • Click DRIVERS and make sure you have the latest driver installed.
HS LSS Support

After HS LSS the second channel may fail to link unless the following sequence is followed. HS LSS comes up in HS G1 x1, Rate A.

  • If the desired rate is A, you can change gears and link width as desired.
  • If desired rate is Rate B, recommend changing to HS G1 x2, Rate B on the next PMC

Line reset does not properly bring the analyzer back to Rate A in HS LSS (high speed link startup). The workaround is to use the “Reset Analyzer” in Settings, Instrument Configuration or switch back to Rate A before doing a HS LSS.

CTS Scrambling

You may encounter a failure in UniPro CTS 1.2.2 and 1.2.3 as we consistently enable scrambling and do not check if the DUT supports the feature. This may be addressed in a future software release.

Bookmarks on Trace Files

When exporting a trace file using bookmarks, when the saved trace file is open, the bookmarks might not be on the exact packet they were placed on during the export process.

Falcon 400 and Raptor Series

SW v2.6.5.49

No known issues.