Known Issues

Falcon C Series, Raptor M Series

Updated: April 30, 2021

SW v2.6.0.8558

The following known hardware, firmware, and/or software issues may affect analyzer or exerciser instrument operation:

  1. Microsoft SQL Server does not install correctly on Windows 10 version 1709. The manual install method must be used.
  2. The Stimulus Editor API Documentation file can’t be printed from the HTML print menu.
  3. When uninstalling a previous version some virus protection programs will not completely uninstall all files. If this happens the user should uninstall as completely as possible and then delete these folders/files:
    C:\Users\[user name]\Documents\Protocol Insight\Falcon\
    C:\Program Files\Protocol Insight

The following known issues may affect analyzer operation:

  1. If the controller PC has only 16GB of memory large traces could cause the application to slow or hang when memory is exhausted. For this reason 32GB minimum is recommended.
  2. When using streaming capture the bandwidth required for error-free capture is a function of the number of AFCs and the SSD Read/Write bandwidth. The application will only unload the first 2.1B packets; if there are more packets in the trace they will not be displayed.

The following known issues may affect exerciser operation:

  1. UFS CTS test cases have not been updated by JEDEC. Protocol Insight have added updated CTS tests based on our interpretation of the revised UFS spec.
  2. If a UFS Read is issued for more data than we have buffer space the Response is never seen and the testcase times out. The work around is to issue the read command and not wait for the response or program the read port to ignore DATA IN packets via IgnoreReceivedPackets method.
  3. If Scrambling is enabled error insertion will not work at HS. There is no plan to fix this, the workaround is to turn scrambling off when performing error injection.
  4. Most devices will not boot correctly when “Disable TX Error insertion at boot” is unchecked in Settings->Advanced Settings. This will affect the UniPro 1.1.10 test cases.

Also, Rate Series can only be automatically changed while the link is in PWM. This is per the UniPro 1.8 spec, which says in Section 5.7.12 “An Application shall change PA_HSSeries only when a Link is configured to Slow_Mode or SlowAuto_Mode”.

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