Marlin A200 A-PHY Protocol Analyzer and Exerciser

Colorado Springs, CO, June 22, 2023 – Protocol Insight, the test and measurement market leader in UFS and UniPro® protocol analysis and traffic generation, today announced the Marlin A200 protocol analyzer and exerciser. The Marlin A200, supports the forthcoming A-PHY 2.0 specification, and is available for online demo or private demonstration at MIPI Alliance Member Meeting #63 in San Jose, CA, contact

The Marlin A200 has industry leading analyzer features, providing time correlated packets of uplink and downlink traffic, and packet statistics. The Marlin exerciser supports traffic generation with error injection, enabling sink or source emulation and CTS compliance verification. The A200 seamlessly integrates with the Protocol Insight® software, which provides valuable tools, including Trace Validation™ and the Stimulus Test Editor™. The Stimulus Test Editor™ allows users to create custom A-PHY traffic patterns and define complex Advanced Trigger conditions. Trace Validation™ can be used to evaluate the received traffic, perform latency analysis and define configurable pass / fail criteria.

“Congratulations to Protocol Insight on joining the growing MIPI A-PHY ecosystem,” said Edo Cohen, VP Automotive Product at Valens Semiconductor Ltd. and Co-Chair of MIPI Alliance A-PHY Working Group “Valens Semiconductor is looking forward to collaborate with Protocol Insight to simplify A-PHY debugging and compliance testing with the Marlin protocol analyzer and exerciser.”

MIPI A-PHY, originally released in September 2020, is the first industry-standard, long-reach, asymmetric SerDes interface to provide high-performance links between automotive image sensors and displays and their associated electronic control units (ECUs). It was developed to simplify the integration of greater numbers of onboard sensors and displays for applications such as advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), digital cockpits, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) and autonomous driving systems (ADS). Version 2.0, which will achieve 32 Gbps per single lane while boosting uplink bandwidth to 1.666 Gbps, is expected to be released in late 2023.

 “Protocol Insight has been active in the MIPI test community for nearly a decade,” said Sanjiv Desai, chair of MIPI Alliance. “Tools such as the Marlin A200 will speed adoption by helping implementers of the A-PHY v2.0 specification ensure conformance while supporting interoperability within the growing A-PHY ecosystem.”

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