Falcon B (Discontinued)

DISCONTINUED PRODUCT – The Falcon B Series are the established industry standard for UFS and UniPro debug and compliance testing.


The Falcon G300B is an integrated UFS protocol analyzer and UniPro protocol analyzer that supports MIPI M-PHY 3.1 HS-G3, UniPro 1.61, and UFS 2.1, and can be upgraded to support HS-G4B and UFS 3.1.

The Falcon G350B exerciser/analyzer is identical to the G300B protocol analyzer but is also a protocol exerciser that can execute the UniPro 1.61 and JEDEC JESD224A Compliance/Conformance Test Suites (CTS), and can be upgraded to execute the UniPro 1.8 CTS with UFS 3.1 CTS support.

The Falcon G400B is an integrated UFS protocol analyzer and UniPro protocol analyzer that captures x2 bi-directional links as a “sniffer”. It supports up to MIPI M-PHY 4.1 HS-G4B, UniPro 1.8 and UFS 3.1.

The Falcon G450B is an exerciser/analyzer; it is identical to the G400B protocol analyzer but is also a protocol exerciser that can generate link traffic on a x2 bi-directional link while simultaneously capturing the response traffic from the DUT. The Falcon G450B exerciser can execute the UniPro 1.61, UniPro 1.8, and JEDEC JESD224A UFS Compliance/Conformance Test Suites (CTS), and has support for UFS 3.1 CTS testing.

The Falcon B series is available with the following features:
  • Smart Tune™ equalization optimizes signal acquisition at the analyzer to ensure error-free MPHY symbol capture. This is critical when the DUT has poor trace routing, or the cabling to the test fixture causes signal integrity or probing issues.
  • Eye Monitor constructs an eye diagram of the link to determine link quality. Qualitative measurements can be done on the eye diagram for jitter, noise, and eye opening.
  • Streaming capture uses the full 40Gbs bandwidth of Thunderbolt3 to store link traffic directly to disk in real time. This allows for virtually unlimited trace capture.
  • Trace Validation, an expert system that uses complex state machine logic to analyze captured traces algorithmically without user intervention. It analyzes bi-directional UniPro and UFS traffic, performing protocol sequence and timing analysis and packet header and payload inspection.
  • Events views displays raw UniPro symbols as packet events on the bus in a unique time-aligned display. UniPro Events view displays fillers, Prepare, SYNC, Hibern8, sleep, stall and other M-PHY level packets. UFS Events displays each individual UFS packet type separately. UniPro and UFS Events views presents a complete picture of all events and allows drill-down to the lowest level bytes.
  • Compliance/Conformance Verification executes JEDEC and MIPI CTS test cases.
  • Verify compliance of UFS devices with the UFSA UFS Compliance Test Matrix.
  • Stimulus with full UniPro stack in HW allows creation of specific traffic on the link and offers extensive error injection.
  • Test executive stress testing controls the DUT and executes tests automatically. Stop after any number of loops or No Result Test Cases, then analyze the results with Trace Validation.
  • Design custom test cases to introduce errors for corner case, margin, or stress testing.