Raptor M300 and M400
UFS/UniPro Analyzers



The Raptor M Series are UFS and UniPro protocol analyzers with robust capabilities for debugging everyday issues.

  • The Raptor M300 Analyzer is a protocol analyzer that can capture x2 links as a “sniffer”. It supports UFS2.1, MIPI UniPro v1.61 and M-PHY v3.1 HS-G3 and can be upgraded to UFS3.0 and HS-G4B.
  • The Raptor M400 Analyzer has all the functionality of the M300 and supports UFS3.0, MIPI UniPro v1.8 and M-PHY v4.1 HS-G4B.

The Raptor M Series are protocol analyzers with robust capabilities, including comprehensive triggering, search and filtering and Events view, at an economical price point.



The Raptor M Series are ideal for customer field support applications. They are 31% smaller and 42% lighter than the previous chassis, and have an elegant probe design that is more capable and flexible.

With the Raptor M Series a field application engineer can confidently address the two most common challenges with field support:

Capturing good traces from a customer test platform or form-factor DUT is very hard.  With most customer devices the probing is problematic, and the test fixtures are often a tangle of long mis-matched cables, resulting in poor signal integrity and poor signal access. And at HS-G4B speeds (20% faster than HS-G4A) the problem is even worse. You need an analyzer that can probe and capture HS-G4B traces from the most challenging customer devices. The solution:

  1. Raptor has been designed using a fully compliant M-PHY 4.1 PHY, that supports ALL requirements of M-PHY to capture the most challenging signals. And the Raptor PHY can be tuned for custom GAIN and CTLE settings by each sublink and lane independently to optimize for poor DUT signal integrity.
  2. And for extremely challenging signal integrity environments we offer an optional probe pod that can be used in conjunction with the included HS-G4B probe to condition and clean-up the signal from the DUT for successful analyzer capture.

Customer defect/bugs are hard to find. The most common debug approach is to capture a very large trace from the customer DUT and then scroll it through looking for errored packets. This means that having an analyzer with superior trace depth and trace analysis is critical. The solution:

  1. Raptor can filter out AFC_TC0 packets, Fillers, Skips, EOB, SOB and UFS payload for a 10-1 capture compression ratio, so you can essentially capture ~80G of trace packets with our 8G of memory.
  2. With Raptor you get the unique Events view to more easily view the entire trace and then drill down to the lowest level details.



Product M300 M400
Description UFS/UniPro Protocol Analyzer UFS/UniPro Protocol Analyzer
Pricing Contact sales@protocolinsight.com Contact sales@protocolinsight.com
 Availability Available now Available now
Compatibility UFS 2.1
JESD220C, JESD220-2, JESD220B
MIPI® UniPro v1.61
UFS 3.0/2.1
JESD220D, JESD220-2A, JESD220C, JESD220-2, JESD220B
MIPI® UniPro v1.8/1.61
Data Sheet Contact sales@protocolinsight.com Contact sales@protocolinsight.com